Reopening of the church to the congregation and public

‚ÄčUPDATE: We are working toward re-opening on Sunday, September 6, 2020. 

Gathered by God

Grounded in Christ

Growing Spiritually.

Church Council met on June 17, 2020 to review the recommendations made by the Executive Committee regarding the resumption of in-person worship.  The decisions of Church Council (below) are presented with the provisos that
                           (a) the rate of COVID-19 NOT raise significantly in Renfrew County, and
                           (b) that there is a sufficient number of volunteers to fill the roles of ushers, read COVID                                            questionnaire, operate elevator, etc. 

I appreciate that some of the conditions may appear onerous, however we need to be certain we are meeting provincial recommendations. The safety of the members of our church is paramount.

Megan Postin has prepared a survey for which we received many responses. Thank you for your feedback, comments, questions and support.

UPDATED: We are working toward in-person services resuming on September 6, 2020. 

The Church is allowed to host one third of its normal capacity. This number will include ushers, worship team, tech team and other volunteers. For these reasons we are requesting that people make reservations to attend church.  This will provide us with an idea of how many are attending.  You will be asked to reserve your attendance either through the church office (613-623-3176) or the church website ( by noon on the Friday preceding the Sunday you wish to attend church.  You will be able to reserve for four Sundays.

The Church is required to have a comprehensive list of all people attending worship, as well as their contact information.  For the foreseeable future, church attendees will need to answer a questionnaire regarding their present health, recent travel and possible contact with COVID 19 cases.

Face masks are to be worn in to and out of church.  They do not need to be worn after being seated.  People should bring their own masks.

Hand sanitizer must be used when coming in and out.  Sanitizing stations are available.

Ushers will show you to a seat.  It may not be your usual seat.  Ushers will also assist with safely exiting the church.

No paper items will be provided including Bibles, hymn books, envelopes or bulletins.  All these items have been removed from the pews.  All necessary reading material will be projected on the screen.  Congregational singing is strongly discouraged.

Washroom use will be limited to one washroom, which will need to be cleaned after each use.

Sunday School will not begin in September as normally scheduled

These past months have been trying for many people, and we are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our congregants. 

I miss so many of you; our leaders, fellow congregation members, and the fellowship of the choir and kitchen.  The members of church council ask that you help us to navigate our way forward into this uncharted territory.  We thank God for the ability to continue to worship, and for the fact that we can do so in a peaceful country. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office. 

Carol Byce
Interim Chair
Church Council