Monday, March 29, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - March 29

​Loving God, thank you for being my guide as I have journeyed through this season of Lent. You helped me maintain a daily discipline of meditation and prayer. You helped me focus on my commitment to pray for those with health and other challenges in our community and beyond. Thank you for bringing into my life a group of fellow seekers who are also on this Lenten journey.

This week as I walk along this dusty road to the cross, I am not alone as You walk with me. Each step I take along the way I am reminded of what lies ahead.  The night of the Last Supper where Jesus served the bread and the wine; Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane where he is betrayed by Judas and then Jesus appearing before Pilot, and being condemned to death.  Jesus is crucified and as he took his final breath, the temple curtain is torn in half and the earth quakes and the people cry out “Surely this is the Son of God”.

Praise be to God!


(Contributed by Barbara LeGrow) 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - Palm Sunday

​God of love
hear the cry of those who yearn for love;
fractured families, broken homes
neglected, unwanted, alone.
God of love
ALL: hear our prayer

God of justice
hear the cry of those who yearn for justice;
persecuted and oppressed,
exploited, ill-treated, broken.
God of justice
ALL: hear our prayer

God of peace
hear the cry of those who yearn for peace;
in battle zones and broken states,
frightened, fearful, anxious
God of peace
ALL: hear our prayer

God of healing
hear the cry of those who yearn for healing;
physical and spiritual
hurting, weakened, depressed
God of healing
ALL: hear our prayer

God of mercy
Hear the cry of those who yearn for mercy;
convicted, in need of your Grace,
contrite, humble, bowed down,
God of mercy
ALL: hear our prayer

May you know
The peace of God
The love of God
The justice of God
The healing and mercy of God
This day and all days

(Contributed by Liz Campbell) 

Lenten Season of Prayer 2021

Gathered by God

Grounded in Christ

Growing Spiritually.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Friday, April 2, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - Good Friday

​Great Source of holiness, love and forgiveness, look with mercy upon us as we bow in humble penitence before the cross of Jesus. We pray that you might give us courage to stay with Jesus during his suffering. Through faith, may we feel his wounds healing our sinfulness and his death becoming our source of new life and hope. We gather our prayers together in the name of our crucified Christ. Amen.​

(Contributed by Rev. Heather Kincaid) 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - Easter Sunday

​The sun has set and risen and set again. We have seen you on the cross. We have seen you laid in the tomb. And we have waited in the darkness. All you have said has come to pass; but you also promised to rise again. And we want to believe. We want to have faith that, in this too, you will be true to your word.

But in the darkness we worried, we doubted, we reconsidered, we wondered. And we prayed. And now we awake to the dawn. And joy comes with this dawn. The stone is rolled away, the tomb is empty. You have risen, as you promised. Your resurrection, our redemption.

We thank you for your sacrifice for us on Friday. We thank you for your resurrection on Sunday. And we thank you for the space for worry, concern and doubt allowed to us on Saturday. For the darkness that allows us to turn back to your light. Now we worship and praise you with great joy.

Jesus Christ is risen today, Hallelujah!


(Contributed by Megan Postin) 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - April 3

​Lord Jesus, today we keep a silent vigil for you, for today you sleep.

At the time of Your death, they did not know that You would rise again.

And so on this day, we do as they did, we mourn Your death.

We ask Your help, Lord, as we wait in anticipation of the celebration to come; help us take a moment today to be still and think of the sacrifice you made for us on the cross.

We ask Your help, Lord, to look beyond Your death. You want us to know Your love for us; grant us the wisdom to seek refuge in You at all times, praying continuously for your guidance.

We thank You, Lord, for the lessons you have taught us. You showed us that death is not the end; our hope is in You, now and forever.


(Contributed by June Hay) 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - March 31

​Dear Lord,

This should feel like a day of anticipation, but like so many days in the middle of the week, it feels very much like just another day. The Hosannas and excitement of the Sunday past have started to fade, overwhelmed by the to do list, the daily routine.

Help us to be centered and grounded in this time. Help us to allow the resonance of this time to echo in our souls. Let us gather our loved ones to our hearts, even if we cannot gather them to our homes. Let us hold those who suffer in our prayers, even when we cannot do anything to ease their pain. Let us wait in patience for the fulfillment of your promises even when we feel uncertain. And let us rejoice always in the joy of your resurrection.


(Contributed by Megan Postin) 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - Maundy Thursday

​Dear Jesus,

Tonight of all nights, we long for communion, for gathering, for the joy of togetherness. We are longing for big family events, where stories and lessons are shared, where love is shown in meals and laughter. We are learning to love from afar, to find ways to connect.

Watch over our families and friends this night. Wrap them in your love, the love you showed to be caring and engaging. You washed your disciples feet, you passed the bread and wine, you prepared them for the days ahead. Teach us to be caring and engaging, especially as we learn new ways to show our love.

May we be always mindful of your presence among us, for you promised that when two or three are gathered in your name you are with them. May we always be grateful for the path you walked for us, the path that passed through death and destruction and led to your resurrection and our redemption.

Be with us as we celebrate Easter, with the joys and sorrows, the pain and the triumph. Be with us in these times when we cannot be with each other. For we are gathered and grounded in you.


*(Contributed by Megan Postin) 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Prayers for Holy Week - March 30

​Lord of the Cross, Resurrected Son of God, Savior and Sacrificial Lamb,  

You were welcomed to Jerusalem with shouts of hosannah even though you came humbly on the back of a donkey, forgoing the pomp and ceremony of a triumphant king.

You were betrayed by one of your chosen disciples and denied when you needed support the most.

 You were placed before Pilot on trumped up charges and sentenced to death, and went willingly to the cross for our sakes.

Three days later, You conquered death and rose from the grave to show us that God loved us so very much that he gave you as a sacrifice for our sins, but also returned your life and took you back to Heaven as his beloved son and heir.  You wait for us there, making a place for all those who believe in your Death and resurrection, as true children of God, just like You.

Walk with us, Lord Jesus, as we walk our life journey, carrying our various crosses.  Help us to face our Calvarys and challenges with the belief that we are not alone.  That God, through You, are with us and will one day welcome us home to our place in Your kingdom.    Amen

(Contributed by Lenna Whyte)