Tuesday, February 23, 2021

TSPS Prayer for February 23

Thank you, Father God, for all the blessings that you have given us. For all the things that bring joy into our lives. For Your Healing Grace when we are struggling with ill health or mental anxieties. For the Hope that You offer when our lives are in chaos. For the family members and friends that you bring into our lives who comfort us and share our journey.

We are Sorry, O God, for being too busy to listen for your voice as you reach out to us. For the harsh words said in frustration and anger. For opportunities missed when a simple act of kindness could have made a big difference in someone else’s life. For lack of appreciation of all that You have give to us. For not seeing YOU in the faces of those around us, no matter their race, creed, color or orientation.

 Please, Dear Father, forgive our short comings, our inattention, our selfishness. Open our hearts and minds to Your love and all that it offers us. Open our eyes that we may see YOU in the beauty of our environments and inspire our stewardship of the world around us. Help us to focus on our responsibilities to keep each other safe in this pandemic crisis, following the Guidelines of our health officials and doing our parrt to stop the spread of this epidemic.

And in our Silent moment, accept our prayerful reflections:  (add your own silent prayers)


(Contributed by Lenna Whyte)

Lenten Season of Prayer 2021

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Gathered by God

Grounded in Christ

Growing Spiritually.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Prayers by the Teaspoon: A little goes a long way

This week we are going to focus on teaspoon prayers or TSPS. An acronym well known to bakers, when referring to prayers it can have a similar meaning. It is a small, set amount of prayer that can be sprinkled throughout the day to have a big effect. Jesus even uses the parable of a small amount of yeast mixed into a batch of bread dough to explain how a little faith can have a big difference.

Teaspoon prayers follow this pattern:

T – Thanks
S – Sorry
P – Please
S – Silence

There are other versions of these acronym prayers including:

A – Adoration
C – Contrition
T – Thanksgiving
S – Supplication


A – Adoration
L – Love
T – Thanksgiving
A – Asking
R – Resolutions

Whatever version you use the purpose is the same – to have a short pattern for prayer that allows you to touch on everything important about your relationship with God. Praising and approaching with a thankful heart, opening up about the things that are standing between you and God, receiving all of God’s blessings for your life, and even pouring out your emotions and requests. And waiting in silence for an answer.

(As a complete aside, don’t ever feel that you can’t show your emotions to God. He knows we get angry, He knows we get frustrated, He knows we get sad, lonely, upset, all of it. He knows it because Jesus experienced and expressed all those things as well. God is not put off by a little yelling match now and then. For further proof, read the book of Job!)

Throughout this week some wonderful, brave, caring volunteers will be offering up their versions of TSPS prayers. Give it a try this week, to sprinkle a teaspoon of prayer throughout each day.

Let us pray together….

Thank you God, that you have given us ways to connect with each other even though we are separated by geography, the pandemic, even the fact we have not all met in person.

Sorry for the times that we take each other for granted. When we do not reach out in caring and hope to those around us who need it most, or when we lose sight of others in our times of self-isolation and social distancing.

Please send us a renewal of your Holy Spirit during this time of Lent. Bless us all with wisdom, curiosity, understanding, and a strong desire to draw closer to you.

Silently we listen for your still, small voice and know you are with us always….


(Contributed by Megan Postin)

​Monday, February 22, 2021

TSP Prayer for February 22

Dear Lord:

Thank you for:  providing the necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter.  Thank you for workers and volunteers who work to provide these necessities to the homeless and others in need.

It is hard to imagine living a life without these necessities in our cold Canadian winters.

I am sorry that: there often exists a huge inequality between those who have the necessary food, clothing and shelter and those who don’t.

Please: help us to remember and pray for all those individuals who give generously to support those in need in our community and beyond.  Let us also remember and pray for those organizations in Arnprior who offer support like the Arnprior Food Bank, the Fountain and our many church congregations. 


(Contributed by Liz Campbell)

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Elements of Prayer

As previous posts have mentioned, there are many ways that we can pray – singing, laughing, silence, communing with nature, simply speaking to God. In the next weeks we will introduce and practice different forms of prayers. We will talk about short prayers, centering prayers, naming names, prayers for the people and praying the Psalms.

Yet, no matter the kind of prayers, there are generally considered four elements of prayer:

Adoration and Blessing
Contrition and Repentance
Thanksgiving and Gratitude
Lamentation, Supplication, Petition, and Intersession

These elements can appear in a variety of ways but the idea of starting with giving our Adoration to God helps to ground us within our relationship with God and to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit.

Alydia Smith shares this prayer on the United Church of Canada website that celebrates some of the elements of prayers. Let us pray together:

Teach me the language of prayer, God.
Help me to hear prayers of thanksgiving
in the laughter of young children and old friends.
Help me to feel prayers of lamentation
in the silent tears of strangers and loved ones.
Help me to witness prayers of intercession
in small acts of kindness and service.
Teach me, God,
how to pray with my whole being.

(Contributed by Megan Postin)